Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I didn’t have the most pleasurable viewing of AI last night – we had company and there was a lot of chitter chatter happening and I missed half the show. Am I shocked yeah a little, but honestly I don’t think she is our “winner” anyway so at this point in the game it was bound to happen soon. I did however agree with Casey and Mike being the other bottom two. So for the sake of being polite to my guests I don’t have too much to report, a bit shocked, but not mad.

Munson out.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Come and ride the Twain.....

As if Ellen didn't already try to over do that joke......but I couldn't help myself. Okay If I remember correctly I have already professed my love for Ms. Twain back when she was a guest judge in auditions. The woman is remarkable for a 45 year old woman she is aging along side the Demi Moore phenomenon and I agree with Crystal it is as if she has a golden glow to her....and then it makes me mad that 9 years her junior I sit typing on my laptop with toothpaste caked on my PMS "under grounder" zit and shoulder length hair that will refuse to grow....what is this woman's secret.....seriously she needs to get on the motivational speech tour circuit or at least a skin care line on QVC ....something sister we want in!

Kara's neck know what I was all set to rip her a new one with her random geological masterpiece wrapped around her neck, but as the show progressed I actually really enjoyed the mass of gemstones and purified rock that complimented her muted stylish shirt - I feel like she fired her stylist from last year, they probably they just lent her Paula's and that is why she had so many "incidents" last year, but with Paula's departure there is a new bobby trendy in town and I am not mad at their choices.

Lee - Sang "Still the one" - Now Shaina said start with just lyrics and piano, but he couldn't do it his fingers were mimicking playing but he really wasn't actually strumming. It was like telling someone to hold an ice cream cone but don't take a lick. Thought he sounded good it's more the type of voice I prefer, but I think he is finally finding a comfort zone, which is nice.

Big Mike - I think I am starting to realize that I just like this guy because he is cute, cuddly, & likable, not necessarily because he is an awesome singer. Don't get me wrong he has a great voice just not the voice I want to hear song after song or go purchase an entire R&B album of theatrical ballads, it's nice to listen to for a while but would I grab it for a long road trip in the car....nope. So I think I am fading away from the big guy.......I know not a popular choice but I am just trying to keep it real.

Casey - They liked you last night. I didn't. It was shaky and just okay for me. I was more focused on who had more spiral curls in their hair last night Shaina or Casey? Now come on Casey, there is no way that air drys like that there has to be a lot of hot curling iron rods assisting the flow.....there is just no way......I think he is easily forgettable and I am sure there is a Nickelback cover band waiting for his departure.

Crystal - I enjoy that she called out her baby daddy to "man up" Well at least I think it is the father? I mean at least I hope he is for fairy tale sakes. I agree with the judges It was fine but yeah a bit boring, the song didn't have umph....and I will have to disagree bigger is better when you are trying to WOW millions of swaying votes. Still a top runner not going anywhere - but I can guarantee they will put her in the bottom three tomorrow night for oohhs and ahhhs and then send her to safety....I can just see the editing department working on it now....

Aaron - they actually introduced him and I honestly forgot he was still in the competition, which is terrible because he really does have a great voice and sings for the most part flawlessly but man I just can't sink my teeth into it, there is no excitement or passion for him, I honestly don't care if he does well or not....why is he not likable for me? He is young, cute, humble, and shy? I don't know I don't even understand my choice not to like him but I don't.....

Siobhan - okay seriously I know she is the quirky loose cannon everyone can't wait for but how many times can she close the seriously seems like crystal or Siobhan are the last to perform more often than not. They did this with Adam too....go out on a high note, keep people watching - not sure but the pecking order doesn't seem to be even. I mean she gets Lasers, Casey gets a stool to sit on......They want her in this for as long as they can make her stay, because she draws intrigue......just like Adam did, but for different reasons of course. She is definitely a performer which I appreciate and I thought she sounded good last night but are people going to but up with this favoritism? I think they will. I think we will all continue to be puppets and listen to how the judges want to sway our votes each week. That is just how it goes.

I think Casey or Big Mike might go home.

Munson out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol finally does give back!!

Just like in the 1980 Olympic hockey game I wanted to jump up and down and scream “Do you believe in Miracles?” I am not a very religious human, but damn it all….Praise Jesus……Oh the idol gives back episode couldn’t have ended on a higher note with me….Seriously Tim you can take that million dollar smile and go on your “little tour” and then my friend have fun with your new blue vest and red name tag and work on your “welcome to Wal-Mart” presentation, because with your voice that is all you are capable of! Okay so happy me!

So then a few things about last night….

The idol gives back banner… bugged me, with all the $$ flowing into this show they had to go up and steal Sara Lee’s logo? Come on marketing people step it up!

Okay now I will try my darndest to not get on a soap box but COME ON …..Really Mr. President?? “You are all my Dawgs!” Really? You haven’t had enough respect for yourself lost yet? You want to continue? I mean come on we get it your young, your hip, you have daughters you want to relate to …….but I REPEAT you are still the leader of the FREE WORLD please don’t try to ax cool and talk in Ebonics……there were a few folks out there that were not in the 20 something range that did vote for you and I think you at least owe them that! I was embarrassed for every Obama bumper sticker I saw this morning on my way into work.

Now don’t take this the wrong way my heart pours out for these under privileged children it does, especially in these countries that can not withstand the elements. But sometimes I find it hard to swallow the American families that are living in such poverty (a la Jenifer Garner’s story) don’t get me wrong I get it people are down on their luck and can’t make ends meet – but for the LOVE why do you keep getting pregnant and having children knowing you can not support them?? The family in the trailer heated by opening their stove had 6 kids under the age of 6…..okay within those 6 years you must have known things weren’t looking stellar…..stop having kids…..I will stop now. Nope no I will not – these kids also living in a trailer with no heat had double pierced ears and the mom had nails…..okay now I will stop.

Posh spice….I love these famous celebrities who are begging for donations, and I get it they have clout and pull but I sat there watching her and her gig was with a little donation we could purchase 10 books or whatever and I thought with the amount of money you spent on your couture dress you could have housed 5 libraries…….I am just saying I think it should be a requirement that the celebrities that appear have to say what they are donating as well…..and it better be A LOT …..At least I can respect Bill Gates since he and the pipes that his wife seems to bear….. are one of the largest donors in America every year….as they should be.

Black eyed peas….sounded like pooh. I am tired of these techno songs that are made for the radio and then just come across like **** live……it was awful. Another beef – I am on quite the tirade today huh?? The body suit……Yep listen up Beyonce, Fergie, Britney…..I am tired of the leotard…..yes you all look amazing in them but seriously I don’t see you getting on a pommel horse or doing a floor routine for a panel of judges. Enough of the gymnast wear…..Here is an idea how about some pants or a nice dress? Hmmmmmm earth shattering…..Let’s save the one pieces for the 35-60 year old crowd at the pool.

Did anyone catch Todd Bridges in the audience? Didn’t he die like 4 years ago?

George Lopez – I have been waiting my whole life for this guys 5 minute gig….Well done Mr. Lopez – I enjoyed his “judging the judges” and the fact that he asked Simon silicone or saline….makes me really respect the little refried bean – again Well done!

Alicia Keys – They first panned to her and I was LOVING her shirt – so cute and then they faded out to wide screen and I was stricken with horror as the shirt I loved so dearly was connected….ummm yes connected to her pants in order to create a one piece jumpsuit….I will not get on board with your Studio 54 wear and Target neither should you….I was in there this week and enough already……how is a practical person supposed to pee?

I was a bit ashamed as they fell to the Octo-mom’s prey last night and contributed to an additional minute of fame for her……Shame on you AI.

Carrie Underwood – I tell you what she has it going on – I might even add her to “my list” I am just saying she is ridiculously cute and she always SOUNDS good ….but really did she just say she would contribute 36 cents of each ticket sold to charity…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME 36 cents….Really we couldn’t have rounded it up to a cool $1. so for ONE of many of your sold out million dollar shows you are only going to fork over $300K – don’t get me wrong that is good money and can be well used but I am just saying when you walk around with a 5 carrot diamond ring and millions in the bank I think you can swing a bit more…..that is all….still on “my list”

And lastly….did David Cook rub a balloon repeatedly against the back of his head?

Munson out……

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Okay I am going to just go ahead and say it. I miss Paula and her ridiculous antics…..Now don’t get me wrong I spent all last season wishing and hoping for her departure so I wouldn’t have to put up with her seal clap or her indecent amount of flair she would wear, but I am a little bored with the subdued demeanor of the judges…..I mean I don’t expect Ellen to come on the show high as a kite and sleep with most of the contestants, but she is a bit boring compared with Paula, at least it gave us something to talk about……I am just saying. Also does Ryan still need to introduce himself at this point? “Welcome to the show….I’m Ryan Seacrest” I mean seriously we all know who you are. Can you be considered a name dropper if your dropping your own name?

Casey – sang yesterdays gone. I thought he sounded good but seriously close your eyes and listen to him it is like an exact replica of Huey Lewis not yet sure if that is a good thing or not…..I am sure I am not the first to say it because he choose to sing it himself earlier in the competition, at least he is leaving the neon glasses at home.

Lee – thought he sounded good last night, however there was a lot of spittle strands happening inside his mouth last night that left me thirsty for some aqua… was the epitome of cotton mouth. Yuk. He sang “the boxer” and did a lot of la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la’s and I was secretly thinking for all those young folks watching the show who have never heard of Simon and Garfunkel were they thinking “umm did he forget the words?”

Tim – OMG how is he still on that stage? Terrible – I can’t continue this rant for the safety of my own health.

Aaron – “I believe I can fly” I thought he sounded good, but the fact that he admitted that he sang it at his preschool graduation left me in a grumpy old lady mood….why you got to say that doogie?

Siobhan – not that we shouldn’t expect it by now but her dress was a little a la Lady Gaga last night – but secretly I thought she looked really good in it. I mean I am not against a few insects being attached to some clothing….I thought she sounded annoying last night with an annoying song,…….and what is most annoying to me at this point is the large amount of interview time she always gets at the end of her song to explain her song choice…It’s almost as if AI gives her the time in order for her to get some sympathy to keep her on because she is the most controversial thing they have going this season! Has anyone else noticed this favoritism?

Big Mike – First did he really have to pick up Alicia Keys when he met her, can’t the big dude just lean over and give some one a hug instead of introducing himself as the jolly green giant every time. I couldn’t really focus on much after I saw his pit stain that was seriously the size of Lake Michigan. I thought how can one piece of fabric absorb that much moisture? All I am saying is every deodorant manufacturer better be making a call to get your new sponsor!

Crystal – I felt like she was playing dress up in Kara’s closet last night, but at the same time I appreciated her packing up her hemp inspired clothing and stepping out on the runway last night. I think her little emotional breakdown last night was because she finally realized that holy crapper I could really win this thing and I seriously almost quit last week. Thank you, Ryan for stepping in and giving our little Mommasox a pep talk.

Please for the love – Tim going home.

Munson out…..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

They had to go at some point....

Well it is true…they both had to take a digger at some point….along with a few others, but I am putting on my patient hat today and taking a deep breath knowing it will happen soon. In a way I sort of feel for Tim because he might be smiling and riding the gravy wagon right now but looking back on his career he will always be labeled “the guy that didn’t really deserve to be there” and will forever have that to battle with. We will see if that cheesy grin still exists in 10 years when he is a night manager at the bowling alley spraying people’s rental shoes. I am just saying…..

A few quick thoughts/notations from last night:

Why was Randy wearing a women’s blouse?
Why did Casey’s hair grow 3-4 inches last night? Was it the super blow out of the curls? Was it the curling and feathering? What is his secret?
Why did Andrew wear a bow tie made out of the same fabric as his shirt – that coupled with the man broach was enough to warrant his departure last night
Ms. Crystal – please take note of Elliot Yamin’s new teeth – this is what is available to you if you keep up the good work! White, shimmering teeth await you if you just stay the course!
Why was the interview with Brooke and her co-performer so uncomfortable?
Why did Brooke only get a messily piano and Adam got more flair on that stage than, a Fourth of July display?
I will admit that Adam’s song “what do you want from me” has grown on me and I caught myself humming it in my office yesterday after I heard it on the radio – but last nights over dramatic slow version sort of killed it for me. I felt like the lasers were better than his voice…….
Ryan didn’t even look that hung over last night…….
Do people really not enjoy big Mike? Why does he keep landing in the bottom 3?

That’s about it….

Munson out……

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elivs & Adam

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis – I am not going to lie, sometimes I don’t get it…..yeah he was all hip shaking and cutting edge, but someone would have done it eventually he just did it first. I don’t get the women fainting at his feet and I don’t necessarily get his songs and lyrics, but then again I didn’t grow up around that time and probably don’t understand how great it was to get out from under the du-ops of that era……. So was I interested a whole lot last night? Not so much. I did however stay entertained by one sloppy intoxicated Ryan Seacrest. Did anyone else think he had a few under his belt last night? I did. He was all over the board, stating things like “wasup” “that would suck” to a 90 year old woman, getting all giddy with his mom, randomly slow dancing with an audience member, I am just saying he was feellliinnnggg gooooddd last night.

Adam Lambert – well honestly I was a bit perturbed when I heard he is the mentor….I mean does he get to be a mentor yet? He has only been flapping that large thick frog tongue for less than a year. How about one Kelly Clarkston or Carrie Underwood – someone that has had chart topping hit after chart topping hit and could have something to say. But then he started going and giving his advice and I totally agreed with him and appreciated his honesty when he would flat out tell people that they sucked! Thank you Adam, they need to hear it, I appreciate you not blowing smoke up their asses, even if you wanted to with your whole being (literally!) I remembered why I “semi” liked him last season and would have probably hopped on board 100% if he wasn’t in direct competition with my perfect teeth, awesome smile boyfriend Kris Allen. Okay enough of this drag queen and his young Einstein hair …let’s get on with it….

Crystal – I have to tell you I am a bit sick of her wood jewelry, her voice great, fantastic even, but the wood jewelry please let it go……I have bad memories of my teachers wearing wooden giraffes and zebras on a knotted bandana and I don’t think it is a trend that should come back full circle, we should stop it where it started in 1979. Another thing that sort of bugs me is her humbleness every time these judges praise her to heaven and back and she stands there and says “thank you” I mean it is polite and all which I appreciate but just once I want to see her be like Hell yeahs I killed that mo fo…..and give a little wooooohhhh shout along with it…..

Andrew – The stylists on this show are really trying to push the man broach hard core. I am not buying into it – it serves no purpose, not that much jewelry does but come on it’s just stupid. – Also stupid his performance – I didn’t like it and beginning to not like him. Sometimes I wish he would get voted off just so I don’t have to see the black framed cut out posters in the audience….the first one, yes, creative, anyone after that borderline annoying.

Tim – Seriously now he decides to get semi good – ugh it takes everything in my being to compliment him on his voice last night, so I will leave it at this ….he didn’t suck. Okay okay I said it but I still would like to see him leave with every fiber of my being. I did enjoy how sassy Adam was with him like it was so obvious he wanted to get all up on that helmet of a hair do and ride it all the way home – Adam said the following to Tim but I sort of heard it like this…….”your cock I wanna suck” “I mean it didn’t suck” “your pretty” “I mean that sounded pretty” WHHOOOPPSSSIEEE…….he was smitten.

Lee – he sang “A little bit more action” – well now isn’t that calling the kettle black? He sounded great but I tell you what the expressionless face is killing me…..It reminds me of Billy Baldwin’s constant I look like I am going to sneeze face. I am just saying act like this is something you want to do for the rest of your life.

Aaron – My gaydar went off the charts with this duo….what do you think? Other than that just dumb, can’t take the youngness of this guy he is too……toddler like and I can’t buy into it.

Siobhan – I think she was showing off for Adam with all the intense face close ups and screaming. She sang suspicious minds and I wasn’t all that impressed, however I am really impressed how many hairstyles this girl can come up with short hair. I am trying to get mine a little longer and all I can come up with is a ponytail?

Mike – Sounded good, no big shakes.

Katie – What was with the tribute to Mr. T last night she had more gold on her than Trump’s ass sits on in a day……ridiculous. I can’t even remember what she sang so it couldn’t have been that good

Casey – fell asleep and not really mad about it.

That is about it. I think Aaron will go home tonight.

Munson out……

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Pardon me while I go on a bit of a rant……ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I just invested 3 hours of my time this week to seriously start back at the same starting point that I was on Tuesday morning? I am sorry AI but I can see right though your transparent ploy to get more people to vote and put the “scare” into the American people that someone that is really good could possibly be sent home a la Mr. Daughtry. I don’t buy it especially with the cast you carry this year – there is no way, Big Mike should have been in the bottom three last night, nor singing for his lifeline last night. So ridiculous there are four people that this competition revolves around can we just get to it and stop all the nonsense. And more annoyingly was the celebration from the judges when they “saved his ***” I mean it was absurd they were jumping up and down, high fiving, chest pumping as if to say congratulate me or give me some props for saving this big likeable teddy bear. I am so sure it was your stupidity that got him there in the first place. And furthermore to make this guy get up on that stage in those painted on jeans the size of Texas was uncalled for! The stylist should be ashamed to think she could stuff that much muffin in those pants or hide the camel balls that was sure to ensue in those leggings….…..I was seriously afraid for that belt. It looked uncomfortable and constricting and I could relate on many different occasions to that same feeling not to mention trying to belt out a ballad.

So yes to say the least I was disappointed with last night and not only with Big Mike here are a few other reasons.

The fact that Kara didn’t think she could make it to a seamstress prior to the show to sew up all the holes in her arms and chest on her shirt?

The fact that Mr. Archuletta sounded like he just ran the Boston Marathon with his excitable heavy breathing during his Ryan interview….

The fact that Rhianna’s song sucked some serious ***…..This might be uncalled for but I liked it better when she was getting the snot knocked out of her … least her music had some umph and some valid lyrics not just randomly shouting I am a rock star. STUPID. Even more stupid – her beauty…..crazy pretty.

The fact that Rhianna can also wear a latex cat suit and look like she is just hanging out in sweats eating pizza…….jealously was rearing it’s ugly head!

The fact that Tim Urban continued with him Muppet smile all the way to the top 3 that were safe seriously made me consider watching…….I might have to get all Columbine on these teenage girls if they continue…..Just joking….not a necessary comparison but too lazy to erase.

Lastly, the fact that these “big star” performers come on and just suck. I mean take away the stage, the pyrotechnics, the dance and glitz and even Tim Urban could compete with these guys – I feel like it is quite embarrassing and pretty much a slap in the face to anyone who has purchased their songs on I Tunes.
Munson out…….

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well okay here we go…..

Aaron – This little “Yoda” needs to just say “going I am home” I mean yes he is likeable, cute, young, but holy crapper is he BORING. I tried really hard to like him despite sounding “decent” he is just a total log on that stage and completely puts me to sleep! I agree with “E” yes it seemed like a LONG and WINDING song that would never end! Also I was wondering why he was wearing a blue chef’s jacket couples with a plaid Abercrombie shirt. Odd choice.

Katie – She sang Let It Be and we all should admit it, it is the best she has sounded. But I have to draw the line at the black nylons paired with the neon pink dress – it gave me shivers of 1982 when I tried to do the same. There was also a lot of flair kicking last night, a bit too much if you ask me…..big hoop earrings, lots of necklaces, belts, hip chains, medallions. Too much – but I think the interviews helped her too because she seems like the most down to earth funny normal one!

Andrew – Again with the stage behind the judges, didn’t “E” and Ryan give the show enough flack for that last time Big Mike tried it? Hmmmm weird. He was ayite….nothing fabulous. I do love how the judges are constantly promoting be young, hip, current and kudos Andrew – nothing says young and current like a business suit with a canary yellow golf shirt buttoned to the top, I get the nerd thing is coming back a bit and “different is cool” but seriously I looked at him and would have bet $100 bucks that someone tied his shoe laces together and he was going to go splat right onto his large frames and puffy hair via the nerd Halloween costume circuit.

Big Mike – I like the “heeyaaawwwhhhh” I have tried to incorporate into my daily life and I have to tell you its kinda fun! He was good last night, he is good every week. He is my steady Eddy. One thing I am wondering – do you ever think he gets sick of picking people up? I mean the expectations have to be hard for him every time he sees someone tiny (aka Aaron or Ryan) Somewhere in that big head of his I bet he is just wishing he could shake someone’s hand for once.

Crystal – Here is our other steady Eddy – she was great last night, she is great every night. I enjoy her humbleness and appreciate her respect for what everyone has to say about her, whether she likes it or not. The didgeridoo was great – I enjoyed that they practically needed a 911 shout out for the man blowing into it. Well done.

Tim – Okay I am not going to lie I just did 3 deep breathing exercises before typing this….You all know how I feel about this tool, but I have to agree with the YO DAWG – it was good for TIM. I loved how Randy put him in a separate category like “for the people who really suck and shouldn’t even be there you were ayite” Well put dawg. Well he had the mop top kicking for the Beatles but that is about it – and the smile holy **** the smile it literally is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me…… It reminds me of the Tom Cruise “over laugh” – it’s too forced and trying too hard! I would like to pack up his **** eating grin including the random snaggletooth on cuspid #6 and send him away!!

Casey – aka goldilocks….he sounded good last night – He reminds me of the lead singer in Nikelback no?

Siobhan – Holy desperately seeking Susan meets Stevie Nicks…… I guess at this point it would be weird if she just showed up normal…….I didn’t like the song nor her version of it……..I also didn’t enjoy the Sharon Stone glimpse I kept catching as no one has apparently taught this little librarian how to sit in a skirt especially while propped on a stool. I am however intrigued on the “doing this for my little sisters” sob story – I can’t recall what is the deal with the sisters? I might have to do some research…..if you can lend any help around this email me!

Lee – Who would have thunk it – the love affair between him and Andrew……semi sweet …..Semi borderline……semi weird. I think he sounded great and got some blood pumping compared to A LOT of slow songs last night……I enjoyed the bag pipe guy including his huge fluffy hat.

Going home – I have to do just out of Principal Tim, but secretly I think Katie or Aaron will go home…….

Munson out……

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools.....

Hahahaha I get it April fools day right ……This was all a joke and Tim really did get sent home. Good one AI……

Seriously are you kidding me, don’t get me wrong, even though I enjoyed the emotional train wreck that she was, let’s be honest she wasn’t going to win this thing so I am not so much mad that she went home but FURIOUS that someone stayed…..Seriously so be it he should just win this whole darn thing and prove that this season is literally one big April Fool’s joke. Nigel must be doing the Dr. Evil laugh right now and thanking his lucky stars he walked away from this show two years ago……. I just might start “voting” for him at this point Yeah let him win and then let MTV and the airwaves embarrass him until no end as they try to push that voice onto the rest of America…..

Speaking of embarrassing…..ummm……Usher’s voice. Let me just say you ain’t “all that” without your computerized synthesizer up your sleeve. I will give him props for his dancing skills they are “da bomb” but seriously the voice was brutal and was he really singing or just talking? Didn’t he just mentor 10 people on how to sing?

While on the subject of “talking” let’s discuss one Puffy, p.diddy, Sean Combs……My three year old son could have written more in depth lyrics…and even possibly tried to SING them to a melody….. really? “hello….good morning…..dirty money……hello …..good morning…..dirty money” I am sick of the lack of hard work and creativity in these performers who spend 10 weeks as number one on the charts……Why are we biting or listening to this junk? And can Puffy please put on an ensemble that isn’t white….I would love for him to dawn a nice banana yellow or melon track suit for once.

This brings me to the third AA performer last night Rubie the Cubie….although looks like the cube is molding into an oval as of late. I loved that he lost a bunch of lbs but still decides to keep his old humungous suit that looks like a grill cover on. Step on out Rubie and feel proud in that fitted muscle shirt…….And a tour with Rubie and Clay?? …… I would like to go just to catch wind of the diversity of the crowd there……I picture it in my mind and giggle a bit.

So I don’t ever watch this show live anymore with the power of DVR I am sure most of you don’t either, it is so nice to FF past the commercials and get down to bid-ness in half the time. However, Chris made a good point. This entire show has become one big commercial and we should be FFing through the entire thing if you think about it……Pepsi, Ford, Clash of the Titans, Usher, and whatever other flavor of the week is being promoted. It truly has become an advertising stage instead of a singing stage. I swear to god if they start having a pedi egg, a bump it, or sham WOW on that stage I am throwing in the towel.

Munson out.