Friday, February 26, 2010

First four to go....

Okay here it is Friday already and I just viewed the vote off.....Who do I think I am waiting so long??? Well you just can't be home EVERY night of the week when this god forsaken show is on! Well I was 1 for 4 in my predictions not stellar.....I mean I wasn't that upset by anyone who left but one little turd who had the best expression to date upon hearing that he was safe. That is right Tim Urban - how did he squeak by - he was god awful - let me remind you he was the one who went through puberty on national TV last week - did people feel bad for him or can these girls not see past the shag haircut? I was floored as he was but let's not fool ourselves he won't be hear long unless his coconuts drop ASAP.

Girls -
Janelle - nothing lost - I don't think it was her time to go, but that is what you get for wearing a banana yellow and teal cruise ship sweater set.....
Ashley - well its back to eating oats and barley back at the barn......"ohhhh Wilbur"

Boys -
Tyler Grady - no love lost he was a bit too cocky for his level of talent - serves him right.
Joe Munoz - didn't deserve to go at all - John Park you got lucky......but again it's not like he would have been the top 10.

Group Performance - I didn't mind it, I thought they sounded good as a group. What I would like to see in the future is just everyone circled around Powersox and James (aka pooh teeth and Kara's lover) and make them do the most ridiculous cheesy dance. These two were both SOOO uncomfortable with the staged dance moves that Casey straight up refused to do them at one point.....suck it up you signed on for that fame and fortune you better get your running man up to speed for next week!

Pay attention :
That is right you..... the top 20 pay attention to Allison Ireheta and Kris Allen - that is what I am talking about - both have voices that I literally get excited to listen to.....and thank you Haiti for bring back Kris' Killer smile to the big screen.....Everyone knows I am a big fan of the boy but I am not going to lie is his hair thinning????? Say it isn't so.....please please god don't let this man be the poster child for propecia! Until next week.

Munson out....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

12 Boys....

Okay my only beef for these contestants is all they heard Hollywood week was , change it up, make it your own, be original, do a David Cook…… and as many of them did last night (good or bad) the annoying comment I heard back was “don’t change up a song that is already good” “didn’t need your change up on it” “Just stay with the original melody” I mean if it was bad it was bad but I feel like these kids are getting the rugs pulled out from them. They are hanging on every word that these four individuals say to them and then the judges totally contradict themselves. I think all of them should be sent to a communications seminar. I mean if they didn’t like it then say so but don’t say it is because they did what you have instructed them to do…… along with that my other beef with the judges last night were as follows…..
•Randy – what’s up with the Bill Cosby cardigan sweater?
•Kara – besides the chandeliers hanging from your shoulders did you spill your pop on your shirt?
•Simon – Did you come straight from a wedding? A Collared button down – hey Mr. Fancy pants who is trying to impress Casey James now?
•Ellen – Thank you for leaving the oxford button down and ties at home last night.

Toddrick Hall – he sang Kelly Clarkson’s song with a lot of Revenge of the Nerds synthesizer behind him I didn’t think it was as bad as they made it out to be….again he was trying to be original. My biggest concern is ….Did he win his car race? I sure hope so because I hope there was another reason he was wearing those leather fingerless gloves.

Aaron Kelly – he is the youngster – ugh so boring to me couldn’t stand it, but the kid has a cute smile and some killer straight teeth that should get him by.

Jermaine Sellers – and so the silk flower saga continues – what is with the black carnation bootiner last night? Song was super annoying and I think every dog was wagging their tail to that high pitched garbage.

Jim Urban – this was 2nd chance boy (that producer is kicking his own butt for choosing him now) and unfortunately that was your last chance. I seriously thought it was Peter Brady out on that stage “when it’s time to change … got to re-arrange” ugh so out of tune and sounded like he was going through puberty right in front of us…..Bye bye…..And can I make a request for HSM to please make a 4th movie so Zac Effron can PLEASE come out with a new hairdo so all these fools will stop with the forehead sweep!

Joe Munoz – Okay all I have to say is I was thankful that Chris was at hockey last night because one glance at the Man Scarf that Joe was wearing would have sent him into a tail spin……Don’t ever get Chris going on the man scarf….which seriously I will have to hop on board with as well unless you are out shoveling snow, walking in a blizzard, or are a figure skater….for the love of all metro sexuals…..along with the forehead sweep hairdo can we let the man scarf die as well….oh yeah didn’t like his voice either…….

Tyler Grady – AKA Kelso from 70’s show…..Okay he wasn’t great and he isn’t that great to look at….however I applaud him for singing an anthem song that people can connect with and pump their fists to. I am so sick of these people picking songs that no one can relate to or these ballads for their first introduction to America……do you want to be the guy remembered for “memories” for crying out loud? I would absolutely LOVE it if he came out in a straight up Abercrombie madras plaid ensemble next week with a greased comb over….Think it would be hilarious!

Lee Dewyze – He was good – not great but good. But for some reason I feel like placing toothpicks in his eyelids…he always seems half baked or on the verge of narcolepsy.

John Park – So stupid. Case in point – pick an anthem – these screaming tweeners are not going to hope on board with god bless this child, and furthermore don’t go for the sympathy excuse “it’s for my parents and all the money struggles” blah blah blah you picked a gay song and it sucked. OWN it.

Mike Lynche - I love that he wore his straight up sneakers like he just got done at the gym 30 seconds prior to performing….. Again he was just Ah-yite for me …….I keep waiting for dead bugs to fly out of his mouth because he looks like the guy in the green mile to me.

Alex Lambert – I loved that E called out his Kentucky waterfall last night; I was thinking the same thing. Honestly I can’t even remember what he sang but I do remember how tightly he was grabbing the mike as if it was a life preserver going to save him from this nightmare he was drowning in.

Casey James – oh lord where to start – I mean I was taken back to 1998 dancing with my new groom as this boy sang my wedding song – it was good I enjoyed but come on….. This Nickel back look alike isn’t all that “h.o.t” so Kara pull your cougar a** together this Hot roller diva doesn’t need to be taunted by your inappropriate married self.

Andrew Garcia – sang fall out boy and I liked it – screw you Simon see rant in first paragraph!

Bottom two – Tim Urban and John Park.

Munson out…..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

12 Ladies....

Okay well after two hours last night I could seriously narrow it down to the final two girls. The rest of them as pleasant and cute as they are they will be gone I just have a gut feeling……..Another feeling I got last night was that these girls all enjoy the following:
•Super skin tight pants (most who actually warrant wearing them!)
•Metallic waist belts, and
•LARGE silk flower arrangements posing as hair accessories.

Some things from the first “performance” night.
•I don’t enjoy the bulls eye stage I feel like it is too small for these kids to even try to create a stage presence. I mean one sas-hay to the left and they will be falling into thin air…..
•I think the band and background music needs to step it up – I thought it was rather muted and made the singers sound worse than they should have.
•Can we please come up with something new regarding the texting number and finger gestures at the end of their performances? I feel like these kids all try to be trendy and come up with something when it in turn just looks like you are having an epileptic seizure waving your didgets around in a furry. For example
1.If you are #2 you don’t always have to give the peace sign with different
mouth gestures to match nor do the pulp fiction dance.
2. If you are #3 you don’t have to always give the “west siiiiiiddddeee” W as if you are a thug and not from some posh suburb.
Catch my drift?

I was actually impressed last night – I felt for one fleeting moment that they all (including Mr. Jackson) had something constructive to add. If anyone was low on the totem poll last night I would have to say it was “E” (wanted to kill Randy every time he said “whadda think “E”?) She was okay but felt it necessary to end every comment good or bad with “I like you” as if she were some pimply faced 12 year old saying it for the first time to Johnny Sunshine outside her locker……it bugged me. I laughed at the Simon/E love affair story line ….I feel like she had to hide behind some kind of beard last night in order to mask her drool for these 12 hot chicks that were all “performing” for her…..It had to be hard for HER and SIMON…..both wanting the same thing and all……. Lastly, what is up with Randy’s 3 hair chin beard? So Stupid!


Paige Miles – Her eyes kind of scare me …….they are always as if she just saw a ghost bug eyed and open…..I wasn’t feeling her one piece lace short outfit that we later found out she had to be sewn in and hasn’t peed in 5 hours. Chris made a good point there are certain things girls shouldn’t say when you are trying to play the part of a sex symbol star and that is “I have to pee” or “I wipe snot all day long” both of which Paige touched upon last night. She needs some work I didn’t think she was as good as Simon said she was and please for the love…. how about some lipstick or at least some gloss…..those lips were dryer than a pile of raisins.

Ashley Rodriguez – So here we are two contestants in and two contestants wearing silver or gold Lame??? Yikes I was scared by this Mr. Ed beauty…..she has a mouth that could seriously swallow you whole, but down right pretty. But bottom line she has got the looks but not the voice – at least last night for me.

Janell Wheeler – Case in point of the tight pants this girl has every right to wear them proud…. my goodness…….Why you gotta get E all in a flutter like that. She sang Heart – too big for her britches like the judges said. And I love when Randy starts the comments and he starts with the SLOW “yo’s” “yo…….yo…………yo……… you know it isn’t good. But when he gets the fast “yo yo yo” you know you did joined the dawg pound

Lilly Scott – So I don’t really get it is her hair blonde? Is it grey? Is the color correct on my TV? Does it need a VO5 hot oil treatment? Not sure I follow it yet…….She is good I like her but I warn you girls with the quirky little voices – remember what happen to Megan from last year… wasn’t pretty. This one will be interesting to watch.

Katelyn Epperly – When I watched her I felt like I was watching Kylie Minogue from 1986 step off the set of Desperately Seeking Susan and onto an AI stage. I think she sounded great though, I know the judges didn’t enjoy but I did so there.

Hayley Vaughn – Okay yes this girl is bubbly and cute but honestly I don’t know if I can take that reverse pouty lip for a whole season – it is really distracting along with her lisp. What I do appreciate is that she goes out and DOES NOT sing every Mary J. Blige song and others from that genera.

Lacy Brown – she sang Landslide I personally didn’t think it was that awful, however the soft personality of a rock is what I think will ultimately send this little Lucille ball home. And her outfit….. was she running late and couldn’t find her outfit and quickly grabbed the nearest tablecloth and wrapped it around her like a toga? Not cool.

Michelle Delamor - This girl reminds me of the chick in the MJ Thriller video – the curly hair, the tight pants, the hot red lips, the heels…….I couldn’t focus as I immediately went into a shimmy shimmy clap and finished the Thriller dance instead of watching her performance. – Very cute but forgettable.

Didi Benamir - I will have to say this is one of my final two – I have liked her from day one albeit the unnecessary tears every five minutes…..She is good and has it I think at this stage anyway – what I think she needs to let go of is the crocheted pot holder sweater she wore. – You are in the Kodak Theatre not Woodstock……Step it up Didi….

Siobhan – Who just blows glass for a living? Sort of an odd job for an odd duck. – She sang wicked game I think she has a good voice but has no social skills and needs to learn that her “talking” voice can use different inflections as to connect with someone other than a rock. How can these people be so talented when they sing, but then complete morons in normal conversations? Hopefully it was just nerves.
Crystal Bowersox - First and foremost – Thank you Crest white strips you have made a valiant effort as I noticed her teeth were not the shade of pooh anymore – don’t give up they still could use a few shades of blanco to have her compare with civilization. Well she is my other front runner – she is just confident and relaxed and I enjoy her voice however I may just vote her off from last night as she so loudly proclaimed “I am just doing this for a bigger paycheck” I am sorry but that is not what America wants to hear – yes I get it you want to provide for your son but don’t act like this is beneath you otherwise. I didn’t appreciate the cold shoulder to someone who could pull you out from under those rat infested dreads.

Katie Stevens – She is sweet and all but yeah no one wants to see a 17 year old get all sexy and sultry on national TV……Why does she remind me of Charlotte on Sex and the City? Ms. Goodie two shoes…….I would like to see a trendy hair cut, a removal of the Mickey mouse ear headband and why not….. lets add a metallic waisted belt (it seems to be all the rave) ….she has got the voice….. She just doesn’t have her identity yet!

Bottom Two ……..Ashley and Lacy…….

Munson out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tears..... Make it stop!

Okay enough this…….. unemotional Munson can’t take any more of these prideful sob stories. Much to my surprise, last night I found some foreign salty substance rolling down my cheeks as if to say I had a heart. Between Hollywood week and the Olympics I am on a verge of an emotional breakdown. Let’s please leave these heart felt stories behind and focus on the competition, the makeovers, the big city lights, the group dances and Ford commercials…..someone is feeling the need to suppress these feelings….haha.

So last night wasn’t that “surprising” per say –it’s like if they started a story on a person you know they were going to say yes. For only selecting 24 people they surely didn’t say no to a lot of them, well at least aired them, which is fine I didn’t need any more reason to drag it on for them or my emotional well being. Like Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam “I am all cried out……..”

A few quick notables……

•Why do I feel like I am in Eric’s basement smoking a dubbie with Kelso and Fez when I watch Tyler Grady? I seriously can’t wait until the stylists get a hold of that puffy fur ball.
•Why is Randy Jackson there again? I feel like he hasn’t spoken or gotten air time in weeks….hey which is just fine.
•Well my dreams of a “momma’s boy” mentor went down the drain last night as I witnessed Thaddeus’s mom follow him straight into the shitter with him. She took it too far….. Let the man/boy have some peace with the throne for god’s sake. I guarantee she wiped his ass for him…..(but then again so did I with Brady last night……come on he is 3!)
•I think Ellen is winning the war at the annoying let down/you’re in delayed speech against Paula from last year…..but note it is still quite annoying.

That is about it…..Looking forward to getting to know these folks.

Munson out……

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prolonged Drama........

Okay so the “suspense” was more annoying than enjoyable last night. I am not sure I comprehend the concept of the splitting up into rooms to knock some people out just in turn to sit down with those people again and send them home without even performing again…..I am all about efficiency these days – I don’t have the time (some people would argue since I am sitting here writing a blog) to deal with the inefficiencies of this competition. I mean truly I get the staging of the heart felt stories but over 57 minutes of these dramatic attempts got me downright tired (or it could be the 5:15 am wake up call this morning!) at any rate – I am happy to narrow this down to 24 tonight ……Here is a few highlights from last night (at least for me….)

•Why does Ellen dress like Mr. Rogers but randomly can pull it off? I tried to imagine myself or any of my friends in that costume and all I see happening is a lot of obnoxious comments and a bit of pee in my pants!
•Does anyone else miss the song “had a bad day” as these contestants get sent away….I feel it hasn’t made it’s presence this year…..
•I liked when Ellen told the one girl to be younger and she comes back as mix of Punky Brewster and Blossom….I mean the whole thing was trying so hard the legwarmers, the tutu, the multiple barrettes…….she said younger not juvenile.
•I enjoy that “big Mike” makes his guitar look like a ukulele. Seriously the man is huge. While we are on Big Mike did anyone giggle when he picked Ryan and the judges as if they were complete ragdolls? His new baby might fear her own life when she sees those pythons coming to rock her to sleep.
•It’s been bugging me for weeks ….the girl with the oversized nerdy frames…..I couldn’t figure it out but it hit me last night – she is channeling Sarah Jessica Parker from Square Pegs…..phew now I can sleep at night.
•I LOVED the obnoxious mom with her big black gay son. I watched her “pet” her son, scream with enthusiasm over every breath he took and I saw my future….some of you may know I am breeding my own “mommas boy” and could care less that it is the wrong thing to do…..So I have found a mentor in this woman – Brady I promise to keep the screaming to a minimum but I will NOT stop with the petting!
•I think the girl with the stroked face/mouth got the shaft last night.
•I thought it was great that Jessica thought it was a good “career move” to berate and yell at the judges that they made the wrong decision and she “has this”. Truly I am sure your annoying, abusive banter will totally pay off in the future……and yup It WAS your “groups” fault……COME ON……….
•I hope DIDI can pull it together she is the one that lost her best friend. I think she really is good, but seriously an emotional mess – pull it together sista I can’t handle any more tears!
•Casey Jones – this guy is good but something bugs me about him and I think it is the fact that I don’t appreciate his Laze fair attitude about his look, when we all know he spends 4 hours perfecting that messy half ponytail he sports.
•Aaron Kelly – this is the resident Doogie who looks like he just graduated preschool – I think we have found this seasons Archuletta if he can just remember the words.
•I can’t wait until all these fools with a guitar in hand have to get up on that stage and dance with Toddrick in a group performance, that boy can dance!
•Lastly Kara – her comments last night consisted of….
o“mmmmmm its good”
o“oh yeah”
o“I’m feeling it”
Can someone please get this girl a pocket rocket so we don’t have to suffer through her frustrations on national TV?

Munson out……..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can't we all just get along?

Well last night was the dreaded group night and so it should be……I mean don’t get me wrong I secretly enjoy the catfights, the drama the ridiculous behavior that this demands but I guess I don’t really understand the concept behind “group” night. I mean yeah sure you are required to do a couple “du-op” choreographed dances if you are in the top ten but lets face it these contestants aren’t wanting to share the stage and don’t really need to except for those god damn Ford Commercials. Let’s review Clarkston, Sparks, Underwood, Studdard, Cook, Allen, Daughtry, Aiken….they are all INDIVIDUALS shining on those stages, climbing the charts, collecting the cabbage (well maybe not Rubie the cubie….) but I get the “I want it all” attitude and as annoyed as I was with Rocker Mom being totally controlling and bordering on psychotic I sort of get it – this is her dream and these tools ain’t gonna drag her down. Now I am not saying she couldn’t take a few classes in tack and manners…..but I get the drive not to want to work with these other strangers who in turn have a HUGE impact on your future dreams……

Case in point the train wreck group sent my “straight up” guy into a begging tailspin and packing his bags to head back to no mans land.

And what is with that girl Kathy that straight up quit before even going out there to sing. WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? She should be forced to wear a big “P” on her forehead for the remainder of her life. Not just for the fact that she is the biggest pussy ever but also for that poor kid in the auditions that didn’t get a spot in Hollywood because of her!

And Finally I am going to go ahead and say that I think Big Mike has a straight up Full D cup kicking……That new baby of his isn’t going to know what breast to turn to momma’s or dadda’s……….

Munson out………

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hollywood - Living the dream.......

Yes, Yes & Yes….I was so excited have the format change up…I was sick of the audition routine and I am ready to get down to bid-ness. I liked last night, it was over before I knew it which means I was engrossed and entertained. I am however excited to listen to Ryan Seacrest’s new lead in line…….

“And this is Acoustic American Idol………”

I mean honestly anyone who held a guitar last night rocked and sounded good. I felt like I was at open mic night …….it was like an Acoustic Jam off last night. I feared for anyone who walked up on that stage holding just a microphone in their hand – I mean how can you compare……playing the guitar and singing brilliantly will trump it every time!!

Okay let’s get to it – ELLEN - I was looking forward to this night just as much as most people were, and now I know her type isn’t known for their cutting edge fashion style but I think she pulls the vest and boyfriend jeans off more than the average lady, however I my super excited Ellen bubble popped within the first 10 seconds as she walked out onto that stage in a straight up Mexican Tuxedo….really Ellen? A Jean jacket and Jeans…..this is a rule that is more known than wearing white after labor day….you just don’t do it – throw on some khakis or some cords let’s just leave the Tuxedo at home……I was just waiting for the holy hell of the bolero tie to pop out of the jacket. Other than her Mexican formal wear I LOVED her……she rocks and I almost felt bad for the contestants because it was the Ellen hour……I love the comic relief she brought and I think it will alleviate most of the monotony that Randy and Simon’s standard tag lines give us after a few shows. And thank you Ellen for making note of Paula’s seal clap and demonstrating it on air, it is a point I have been trying to make for 2 seasons now…..All I have to say to Paula is Signora Sista!!!

Speaking of Paula, I absolutely loved Andrew;s acoustic version of Straight up….I felt a bit of excitement that I may just be able to relive my childhood if all these fools keep re-doing pathetic 80’s songs to cool acoustic jams……..I can dream can’t I ….anyone up for “I think were alone now” from Tiffany?

I was sooooo happy the rocker mom sang Pink’s sober – one of my favorite songs right now and she was awesome – I remember saying during her audition that she should do Pink for sure – I am definitely keeping my eye on her!

Bless the Big Mike for missing his first child’s birth – that just sucks, but I was thinking what a cool video tape to place in that baby’s hope chest or baby book!! Hope his wife thinks the same thing.

“the way you make me feel” girl from Chicago has a great voice but please lay off the cigarettes and coffee….. the brown stained teeth is enough for me to hope that you will forget all your words.

Lastly what is with all the fake eye glass frames – I saw a sally Jesse rafel pair (let’s leave that to Danny G from last season), and then there were a lot of nerdy frames with no lenses….I don’t get it……I just feel like if you need a pair of colored rims to stand out you might as well pack your bags……

Okay I feel like my AI energy is back – I am fired up for Hollywood and will put my patience hat on tonight for group performances and try to just breathe deeply through the cat fights and dance move arguments.

Munson out…….

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The last of the worst....

I am not going to lie I was loosing steam for a while with the auditions, So last night was a special little treat for me. Which proves I am ready to move on I was all fired up to get attached to these folks that are good and not wearing a hot dog or chicken costume. I welcome Hollywood this year with open arms, while normally it annoys me all the breakdowns the drama fights but really I am ready for it ….bring it on. Also a forgotten little nugget is one Ellen D. – in the excess of the Beckham nonsense last night I was really happy that I forgot about one super funny lady with a flowbee like haircut that randomly doesn’t look wrong. Now normally I would be all up in arms about a judge that has NO ties to the music industry what so ever, but I am going to put my morals aside this time and just revel in her witty humor! I hope she doesn’t disappoint.

I only have a few tid bits from last night that were worth mentioning……saving myself for next week. 

I liked the girl with the purple glitter eye make up that said she wanted to be the next American Idol because she will be into recycling and stuff……WTF?? I am so sure ….how about someone comes out and tells it like it is “I want to become the next AI because I want to be filthy rich and bang and hob nob with the best of em……” Seriously can some one just be honest…….

The 7 foot jolly white giant, Adrian, this beautiful “Man flower” had more things going wrong for him than President Obama……He was so uncomfortable weird and large and I am glad he pulled out his dingy not so white cut off t-shirt like he just came in from mowing the lawn……it was embarrassing…..

Okay I think that is it today…..gots to get back to this thing they call a J-O-B……

Fire up for next week

Munson out……

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mile High City

Ahh it was good to see all my old stomping grounds in the Mile High city…..I kept searching thinking that James Duff would be flashing his big grin across the screen but no luck (only a few of you will get that one.)

So yeah I guess I did hear correctly last week – our robot was back as the guest judge…..Is David Beckham as dense as she is? I mean two hot bods in one household with 3 kids could you imagine the empty answers they get….”Mom could you help me with my homework?” “ummmm come on homework is for sissy’s lets sing some girl power songs” “Son that is so worthless, let’s go kick a ball” It’s no big surprise I am not a fan of the Purple wonder last night – was she confused did she think she was standing up in some wedding? Now I know all brides tell their bridesmaids that they will be able to wear their dresses again but you shouldn’t really do it. I wish she would stuff that giraffe like neck into a hoodie and some jeans……here are some other things I don’t like about the “V”
•Her geled wet look helmet
•The shade of orange her spray tan left her with
•The genie in a bottle bun on top of her bobble head I mean it looked like a scane of yarn.

Even though I am not a huge fan of Kara but to be fair she looked hot last night, subtle and pretty. I think she seems to step up her game when she has a bit of competition sitting next to her…..can you seriously imagine sitting next to Posh Spice I don’t care who you are you would have to feel like Umpa Lumpa……

Now I know we all love our DVR’s and rarely watch commercials but did anyone catch that one sweet ass Kris Allen doing a Ford commercial – what’s up with that?? I am sorry you just won AI you shouldn’t be doing commercials for automobiles, even if Ford is a large promoter of AI….get your million dollar smile out of the Ford Fiesta and hop yourself into a video on VH1 or something ….to quote Mr. Allen himself “ya gotta live while you’re dying” I don’t see Clarkson or Underwood selling f-150’s why you gotta sell yourself short Mr. Awesome?

Here are some other notables

•Jack Black guy “I love cheese” – I totally didn’t think it was a weird comment at all I can totally get on board with that. And I will start to say it to anyone when I first meet them too.
•Posh spice judging Mario “you have very white teeth” really that’s all you got? Well of course he does they are contrasted next to his brown skin….seriously someone put a cork in her….
•Did anyone catch the “heftier” girl walking away all pissed during the “bleep montage” and she tried to storm away and walk between two cement planters like she was raising hell and then couldn’t fit between them….ahhh it was going so well for her too….haha. Back it up….back it up…….
•I feel like more people were sent through last night for their “look” than their “voice”
•The football/music guy who is a “long snapper” now seriously how many paragraphs do you want me to write about the irony of the “long snapper” I am just saying I think I will just take the high road and ask did he have 58 cotton balls in his mouth?
•Did we really make it two days in Denver without any “Rocky Mountain High” renditions? No John Denver to be spoken of?
•Bikini boy……pay up boys – he went through with it and now you have your “story” that you will be able to tell your grandkids’ grandkids………Funny for a moment until I realized he might look better in it than me…….

Munson out…….