Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not a "Wyze" choice.......

Well nope, I am not happy. I have never disliked Lee per say, but do I think he deserves it more, no I don’t. Actually a friend emailed me this morning and put it quite eloquently….

“Can’t believe one of the best singers ever to grace the AI stage lost last night. I won’t watch the show ever again……”

Now I don’t know if I can commit to that level of hatred at this point, but I do agree, Crystal had it she was original, relaxed, humble, and just a joy to listen to….ha I am so sure I am embarrassed at myself right now for typing that ……but bygones……I realize that all these girl’s hoo has are not voting for talent but rather some sleepy boys eyes with a dream attached to that…..I get it a bit, (insert Kris Allen) but I just felt like it wasn’t that easy this year…….

And I can’t possibly spend the time to continue my rant on Lee’s “beautiful day” release, because I do have a job…….Perhaps the big deal with that was they were going to have Bono join him on stage until they found out this week he would be having to get wheeled in a hospital bed or a wheelchair, since he has a back of a 100 year old man and needs surgery. Someone I wish that would have been restrained in a wheelchair last night was Mr. Michaels……Seriously this guy is the ultimate publicity whore, I mean he was on deaths door a few weeks ago and he could barely walk across the stage on the Trump Finale on Monday, but he says I am good I am just going to go and rock it out with Casey???? I was a nervous wreck the entire performance, he caused me to have a sweaty upper lip I was waiting for his legs to collapse, his brain to start bleeding…..ugh it was too much to take and then my husband revealed that he found out he has a hole in his heart and needs heart surgery soon……I seriously exhaled when it was over and just prayed that he got off that stage before he had another incident!

The other guests they are okay, I appreciate the stars that ACTUALLY sang with the idol contestants and just didn’t say no thanks I will Lip Sync on my own…..(insert Janet J.) I would have loved to by a fly on the wall when they found out ….girls you will be rocking it with Ms. Aguilera and boys… get Hall and Oates……wah wah wah……that was unfortunate. Carrie Underwood is seriously stinking beautiful and talented….and I might just add her to my list. It is ri-donk-cu-lous…..

Janet looks to be on the skinny train again… how can her body change so much in a years time frame… is almost inspiring…..It also looks like she inherited Michaels nose in the will……..(thanks hubbie)

The Paula thing was wicked stupid. It just proves why she is no longer on that show. I did have a few heart palpitations thinking she might just announce that she is replacing Simon as the judge….oh thank god it didn’t happen.

Did anyone notice that all the past winners were there except David Cook……apparently he was off at a benefit for his fallen brother……good for him.

POTG….who knew General Larry had so many crazy leg dance moves in him……I knew it was coming, but did they have to add Mr. Hung… as too much, you know because POTG is fine by itself……so sure.

Okay well that is it…..It wasn’t stellar…….but always entertaining……..

Munson out……(could it be forever……..)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dewyze vs. Bowersox....

Okay so most of my posts are really rants about poking fun at people that I know can’t poke fun back, or making fun of how this show runs, but I am going to turn over a new leaf today (well sort of) in respects to the two contestants who both in my mind deserve to be there. So with that being said, I don’t think last night’s performances necessarily swayed any votes. I mean come on you are either Team Bowersox or Team Dewyze before you watched that show and last night probably didn’t sway too many people one way or the other. I am definitely Team Bowersox, not that I don’t enjoy Lee, I just think it is hers for the taking. She has been rock solid from the beginning and it is just easy for her. I can’t even fault these guys for some of their mediocre singing last night – producers picked the songs, and sort of made them dig their own graves……Okay enough of Mrs. Nice…..

What I have a HUGE problem with were the songs that are supposed to be their first single release! OMG seriously AI really you gonna play it like that, they both were given songs that have already been recorded by other artists. Isn’t that what this show is supposed to be promoting new cutting edge artists? Then why in Gods name are we having them release cover songs? And not just any cover song…..Lee got handed the short straw as he is asked to release one of the most popular songs, sung by one of the most popular bands, with a voice that is one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. I am so sure – why would you do that to this little paint store worker? How could he honestly ever top what Bono is going to do? That is like asking Crystal to say hey why don’t you release “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston and see how that goes. I mean she lucked out because even though it is still a cover I mean how many people really know this song by Patti Griffin, It at least “appeared” her own by the general public. American Idol I feel you really missed the mark on this and didn’t do your contestants any favors. I mean really with a top billboard song writer right at your judges table you couldn’t have had her jot down a lil’ ditty for these poor folks , you just threw in the towel and said you… sing Bono……..and you sing Patti Griffin……it was lazy and uncalled for! I mean you might say I am never satisfied as I have complained in years past of the weak songs that they make these folks release (love ballads galore) but at least they were written for them and it was truly an original “release” So yes I am disappointed and seriously feel bad for Lee who has to compete with such an anthem that he couldn’t possibly make better. Shame on you AI.

And with that I think and hope Crystal will walk away with the trophy!

Munson out……

Friday, May 21, 2010

As it should be.....

Okay so I guess I was a bit premature with my last post. I was glad that Idol gave the final three their fair share with screaming fans and hometown parades!!

I don't have too much to add, other than it would have been wrong if any other two were in that finale. So looking forward to it, I think Lee is winning hearts by the minute so it will be a fun ending to a mediocre season!

My main concern is for the safety of one Casey James, I am serious, someone needs to put a restraining order on Kara D. because the minute Seacrest read his name that he was the next one to go home Kara was gritting her cougar teeth and using every bit of restraint not to pounce on that stage. So now that he isn't in the running I fear for his bouncy curls because she will do everything in her power to get her aged spotted hands running through that corn silk. I am just happy that he still is under a lock and key contract with the final 10 tour that hopefully will keep her away a bit longer.

Munson out.....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hometown Heroes??

Hometown heroes? More like hometown losers, what the……Where were the home town parades (a la Elliot Yamin?) where were the concerts (a la Kris Allen) really American Idol all you were able to do was gather up about 60 folks outside an ATT strip mall? Is that what you have sold out for? A little more advertising?? Well part of my financial background applauds you for taking what you can before Mr. Cowell’s departure, but I felt like you let these three folks down. I mean no screaming fans, no confetti and loud noisemakers, no ticker tape parades literally it was like you said there was a free expo at ATT and you might get a free stress squeezie ball if you show up, and those 60 people did and they at least deserve that double faced highlighter marker combo…..I am so sure Poor Lee didn’t even get a crowd he just got air time in an airplane – Step it up AI this is your FINAL three for what is probably your FINAL year on the upswing……I am just saying.

Okay does anyone else think Ryan looks like Kermit the frog, I don’t know if it is the bug eyes, the short stature, the comparison to ALL the tall people he has to stand next to, his over cooked skin…….I can’t put my finger on it……..don’t get me wrong Ryan is ABSOULTLY fabulous at what he does, he is well spoken, quick witted, and generally really likable, however every time I see him I just start singing “Rainbow connection” it’s weird.

Simon – He winks excessively, and I am a little bit over it. Always winking at people during the audience, Kara, the contestants…..I am starting to think he has a tick.

So the contestants – I think it is apparent that Casey must go, number one for his ability and number two for that pastel flowered BLOUSE he wore. All the judges made a good point…. it is make it or break it and honestly he doesn’t cut it, it would be a shame for the other two not to make it in the finale. I also think the judges tried very hard to sway it that way in order make the finale competitive and not a total blow out…. I mean come on if it Casey and Crystal are in the final two it’s obvious and not so much intrigue. Crystal vs. Lee not so cut and dry. Lee definitely has stepped up his game and he sounds great, however I still love consistency and the art of making it look easy, and that my friend is Crystal, from day one, but like with everyone I seem to be liking Lee a little bit more each week!

Also FYI Lee’s parents are super cute and I appreciate that the mom went out and had a soccer mom button made up with Lee’s picture to adhere onto her jean jacket as if he just was off to his first T-ball game…….absurd, but secretly cute.

That is it folks, Casey to go home.

Munson out……

Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Mike's parents.....

A friend did some research on Big Mikes Parents....see below....

Cherie…I was reading your American Idol blog and noticed your comments on Big Mike’s lack of parents. See the mtv link below. He has reason to hate them…..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teddy Bear takes a tumble....

I mean I am not surprised. I think Casey is a bit more likable by the female population, and probably most males J I always wonder though the back stories, I mean why no parents ever for Mike? Have they passed? Do they not talk? Did the wife tell them to take a hike? I just always wonder about these peeps that show up with “Friends” and leave their ma and paws behind. I would seriously disown my kids if they left me watching that crap on TV in my lazy boy back home.

Next I am glad that American Idol can admit their failures and invite Daughtry back on to perform even though he didn’t win. I mean seriously how did he not even make it to the final two is beyond me, I could listen to his voice over and over. I could not however look at this etch a sketch face for more than one performance. It’s not like he is bad looking but the chops and random dark facial hair with none on top just reminds me of dragging that fake metallic hair onto that face with the magnet pen.

Bon Jovi – YUMMY! Seriously getting better and better looking every year, I feel bad that the years are not treating Richie as kindly especially on the cranium. He had more back combing and hairspray trying to style that angel haired pasta than my graduating class in 1991. JBJ you can be my superman anytime!

Fantasia – Did seven years really pass and make me forget about that SUPER annoying helium voice? And why did a beavers’ tail land on her forehead last night?

That’s it folks hopefully we can watch Casey take a tumble next week. If all goes according to plan.

Munson out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Final 4

First of all, the contestant vs. artist shirts was so stupid and lame! I enjoyed how Mike refused to take it. Mr. Foxx you had nothing going for you last night except a lot of over dramatic facial expressions, A for effort with the T-shirts, but just didn’t have the umph you were hoping for. I mean lets face it they are still contestants, give them a chance, I am sure no one handed you a shirt with “Homey D. Clown” on it and told you to wear it, and never advance in your career. I am just saying these kids will evolve into an artist just like you took off your clown nose and started in films.

Second of all why was Kara dressed like she was heading into Trump’s board room?

Third having all four contestants as guitar players paints an ugly picture for any future contestant who JUST sings.

Last night I didn’t enjoy anything except for the duet with Lee and Crystal. Can we just call both of them winners and require them to record together? They sounded awesome together and lucky they did, I think it saved Lee’s ass a bit last night.

Lee – didn’t sound good and it makes me worried – he deserves to be in that final with Crystal. He also deserves to have his jeans laundered at least one a month. Those things were baggy than Jared’s stomach skin post subway diet.

Mike – sang free willy theme song and again just okay for me. Sort of over him.

Casey – The Mrs. Robinson, was so contrived it was ridiculous….I couldn’t focus on the song because I can’t take my eyes off his ridiculously perfect spiral curls and wishing my hair dresser understood that spiral curl instead of the pube infested perm I received in high school.

Crystal – I mean come on she is just leaps and bounds beyond what everyone is bringing at this point and I am proud of her girl power at this point in the game!

Casey/Mike duet – yeah it was good, but would I re-watch it, probably not.

Mike to go home tonight

Munson out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

All about Harry.

Was last night a Harry Connick Jr. Variety show hour? I actually feared that Ryan was going to have to go grab a hooked cane and wrap it around his neck to pull him off that damn stage. I mean he sang, he talked with the crowd, he told jokes, he played piano, I mean don't get me wrong he was great at all of it, but come on you can only HOG the stage for so long.......

Do you think Ellen was super pissed that last night was men's suit/tux night and no one told her? I mean the one evening where she could have fashionably meshed one on one with these peeps and no one gave her the memo?? I saw her giving Crystal the evil eye and mouthing.....step off my suit and tie look Bi-atch....

I am home with a sweet spring time head cold so I am going to cut this short. Arron's departure, nope not mad it had to happen he has plenty o' time to get out there and "grow" into this business.....I don't worry about him, he and Clay Aiken will be doing Sonny and Cher renditions at the local county fairs before you know it!

I surprisingly am seeing eye to eye with America on the final four......Casey and Big Mike will hopefully take the next diggers and all will be right in the world.

Munson out.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ol' Blue Eyes

I got to say I like me some Harry Conick Jr., I enjoyed his humor and his marketing ploy to get himself out and in front of millions of people yet once again, nicely played. So Sinatra, yes they are great songs and he was amazing…..let me repeat HE was amazing…I don’t know when others sing his songs it just becomes a little sleepy, he made those songs what they were because they were cutting edge and everyone wanted to hop aboard those baby blues, but when other pre pubescent kids sing them I gotta say just ho hum…….and borderline annoying. It’s like someone else trying to recreate Elvis, it just comes across as corny, he made them famous because he was the first to do it and it really can’t be replicated, so last night a bit sleepy for me. The only thing that kept me awake was another set of baby blues, Mr. Harry. He is cute, funny, but why the crooked face? It appears someone took a right hook to his left side jaw….did anyone notice how he would never stand with his left side to the camera and its because his face is crooked and I think I discovered it! Yeah me. I also liked how he actually participated in the show, not just some act sitting in the crowd clapping for his little protégés. Don’t get me wrong his advertising ploy was clearly noted, but so be it – I would do the same, you want my help, then help me…… Kudos Mr. Connick! Okay back to Sinatra – or his kids, and when I say kids I mean elderly woman who can barely stand up. WOW – did anyone catch that Simon only kissed the half way normal matronly one when he rec’d his hankie, he stayed clear of the Donatella Versace look a like – yikes – seriously put down the scalpel and walk away……walk away and age in a dignified manner.

Judges – I enjoyed Ellen’s banter with Harry…..funny. I did not like the poodle that was resting on Simon’s chest for all to see. I did enjoy the cluster confused, panicked look on Ellen’s face when you could tell that she liked Casey’s performance then Randy started off saying he hated it and you could see her mentally scrambling to change her tune and come up with something that she didn’t like either. Her novice showed last night. And what was with her cock a doodle do hair do last night?

Aaron – I didn’t appreciate the Mr. Roger’s comb over last night…..too nerdy and it showed how large his snoz is. Again really boring and no one wants to see a 16 year old TRY to have swagger. Hehhehm…..Justin Beiber. Still can’t latch onto this one.

Casey – I loved the friend calling him for a gig and enticing him with free food……. #1 what friend doesn’t watch TV… friend of mine…….#2 Really $50 bucks? I mean even if I never stepped foot on idol I think I might be insulted. The Saturday night fevered purple shirted Fabio was terrible, really shaky and hard to listen to. Also when did that astro turf beard come in?? I think it is buh bye for Mr. Goldilocks.

Crystal – Saucy little thing last night – loved the dress and she looked really good and randomly thinner. In one week what is your secret girl? And as good as she always sounds can we just leave the crack pipe roach clip at home just once? That isn’t too much to ask.

Big Mike – I think he has redeemed himself. Sounded great and looked the part. Casey should be punching a wall right about now.

Lee – There was a little too much man love going on between him and Harry last night. Andrew Garcia should worry that his BFF has been replaced. He sounded great and I think my sleepy little nugget is finally cracking out of his shell…..good thing since this gig is almost up! Also I have now officially had 5 people tell me that my husband looks like Lee D. I don’t necessarily see it, but others apparently do.

Can we just call it good and have Crystal and Lee compete in the Finale already?

Casey to go home…..

Munson out.