Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Final 4

First of all, the contestant vs. artist shirts was so stupid and lame! I enjoyed how Mike refused to take it. Mr. Foxx you had nothing going for you last night except a lot of over dramatic facial expressions, A for effort with the T-shirts, but just didn’t have the umph you were hoping for. I mean lets face it they are still contestants, give them a chance, I am sure no one handed you a shirt with “Homey D. Clown” on it and told you to wear it, and never advance in your career. I am just saying these kids will evolve into an artist just like you took off your clown nose and started in films.

Second of all why was Kara dressed like she was heading into Trump’s board room?

Third having all four contestants as guitar players paints an ugly picture for any future contestant who JUST sings.

Last night I didn’t enjoy anything except for the duet with Lee and Crystal. Can we just call both of them winners and require them to record together? They sounded awesome together and lucky they did, I think it saved Lee’s ass a bit last night.

Lee – didn’t sound good and it makes me worried – he deserves to be in that final with Crystal. He also deserves to have his jeans laundered at least one a month. Those things were baggy than Jared’s stomach skin post subway diet.

Mike – sang free willy theme song and again just okay for me. Sort of over him.

Casey – The Mrs. Robinson, was so contrived it was ridiculous….I couldn’t focus on the song because I can’t take my eyes off his ridiculously perfect spiral curls and wishing my hair dresser understood that spiral curl instead of the pube infested perm I received in high school.

Crystal – I mean come on she is just leaps and bounds beyond what everyone is bringing at this point and I am proud of her girl power at this point in the game!

Casey/Mike duet – yeah it was good, but would I re-watch it, probably not.

Mike to go home tonight

Munson out.

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