Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teddy Bear takes a tumble....

I mean I am not surprised. I think Casey is a bit more likable by the female population, and probably most males J I always wonder though the back stories, I mean why no parents ever for Mike? Have they passed? Do they not talk? Did the wife tell them to take a hike? I just always wonder about these peeps that show up with “Friends” and leave their ma and paws behind. I would seriously disown my kids if they left me watching that crap on TV in my lazy boy back home.

Next I am glad that American Idol can admit their failures and invite Daughtry back on to perform even though he didn’t win. I mean seriously how did he not even make it to the final two is beyond me, I could listen to his voice over and over. I could not however look at this etch a sketch face for more than one performance. It’s not like he is bad looking but the chops and random dark facial hair with none on top just reminds me of dragging that fake metallic hair onto that face with the magnet pen.

Bon Jovi – YUMMY! Seriously getting better and better looking every year, I feel bad that the years are not treating Richie as kindly especially on the cranium. He had more back combing and hairspray trying to style that angel haired pasta than my graduating class in 1991. JBJ you can be my superman anytime!

Fantasia – Did seven years really pass and make me forget about that SUPER annoying helium voice? And why did a beavers’ tail land on her forehead last night?

That’s it folks hopefully we can watch Casey take a tumble next week. If all goes according to plan.

Munson out.

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