Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ol' Blue Eyes

I got to say I like me some Harry Conick Jr., I enjoyed his humor and his marketing ploy to get himself out and in front of millions of people yet once again, nicely played. So Sinatra, yes they are great songs and he was amazing…..let me repeat HE was amazing…I don’t know when others sing his songs it just becomes a little sleepy, he made those songs what they were because they were cutting edge and everyone wanted to hop aboard those baby blues, but when other pre pubescent kids sing them I gotta say just ho hum…….and borderline annoying. It’s like someone else trying to recreate Elvis, it just comes across as corny, he made them famous because he was the first to do it and it really can’t be replicated, so last night a bit sleepy for me. The only thing that kept me awake was another set of baby blues, Mr. Harry. He is cute, funny, but why the crooked face? It appears someone took a right hook to his left side jaw….did anyone notice how he would never stand with his left side to the camera and its because his face is crooked and I think I discovered it! Yeah me. I also liked how he actually participated in the show, not just some act sitting in the crowd clapping for his little protégés. Don’t get me wrong his advertising ploy was clearly noted, but so be it – I would do the same, you want my help, then help me…… Kudos Mr. Connick! Okay back to Sinatra – or his kids, and when I say kids I mean elderly woman who can barely stand up. WOW – did anyone catch that Simon only kissed the half way normal matronly one when he rec’d his hankie, he stayed clear of the Donatella Versace look a like – yikes – seriously put down the scalpel and walk away……walk away and age in a dignified manner.

Judges – I enjoyed Ellen’s banter with Harry…..funny. I did not like the poodle that was resting on Simon’s chest for all to see. I did enjoy the cluster confused, panicked look on Ellen’s face when you could tell that she liked Casey’s performance then Randy started off saying he hated it and you could see her mentally scrambling to change her tune and come up with something that she didn’t like either. Her novice showed last night. And what was with her cock a doodle do hair do last night?

Aaron – I didn’t appreciate the Mr. Roger’s comb over last night…..too nerdy and it showed how large his snoz is. Again really boring and no one wants to see a 16 year old TRY to have swagger. Hehhehm…..Justin Beiber. Still can’t latch onto this one.

Casey – I loved the friend calling him for a gig and enticing him with free food……. #1 what friend doesn’t watch TV… friend of mine…….#2 Really $50 bucks? I mean even if I never stepped foot on idol I think I might be insulted. The Saturday night fevered purple shirted Fabio was terrible, really shaky and hard to listen to. Also when did that astro turf beard come in?? I think it is buh bye for Mr. Goldilocks.

Crystal – Saucy little thing last night – loved the dress and she looked really good and randomly thinner. In one week what is your secret girl? And as good as she always sounds can we just leave the crack pipe roach clip at home just once? That isn’t too much to ask.

Big Mike – I think he has redeemed himself. Sounded great and looked the part. Casey should be punching a wall right about now.

Lee – There was a little too much man love going on between him and Harry last night. Andrew Garcia should worry that his BFF has been replaced. He sounded great and I think my sleepy little nugget is finally cracking out of his shell…..good thing since this gig is almost up! Also I have now officially had 5 people tell me that my husband looks like Lee D. I don’t necessarily see it, but others apparently do.

Can we just call it good and have Crystal and Lee compete in the Finale already?

Casey to go home…..

Munson out.

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