Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hometown Heroes??

Hometown heroes? More like hometown losers, what the……Where were the home town parades (a la Elliot Yamin?) where were the concerts (a la Kris Allen) really American Idol all you were able to do was gather up about 60 folks outside an ATT strip mall? Is that what you have sold out for? A little more advertising?? Well part of my financial background applauds you for taking what you can before Mr. Cowell’s departure, but I felt like you let these three folks down. I mean no screaming fans, no confetti and loud noisemakers, no ticker tape parades literally it was like you said there was a free expo at ATT and you might get a free stress squeezie ball if you show up, and those 60 people did and they at least deserve that double faced highlighter marker combo…..I am so sure Poor Lee didn’t even get a crowd he just got air time in an airplane – Step it up AI this is your FINAL three for what is probably your FINAL year on the upswing……I am just saying.

Okay does anyone else think Ryan looks like Kermit the frog, I don’t know if it is the bug eyes, the short stature, the comparison to ALL the tall people he has to stand next to, his over cooked skin…….I can’t put my finger on it……..don’t get me wrong Ryan is ABSOULTLY fabulous at what he does, he is well spoken, quick witted, and generally really likable, however every time I see him I just start singing “Rainbow connection” it’s weird.

Simon – He winks excessively, and I am a little bit over it. Always winking at people during the audience, Kara, the contestants…..I am starting to think he has a tick.

So the contestants – I think it is apparent that Casey must go, number one for his ability and number two for that pastel flowered BLOUSE he wore. All the judges made a good point…. it is make it or break it and honestly he doesn’t cut it, it would be a shame for the other two not to make it in the finale. I also think the judges tried very hard to sway it that way in order make the finale competitive and not a total blow out…. I mean come on if it Casey and Crystal are in the final two it’s obvious and not so much intrigue. Crystal vs. Lee not so cut and dry. Lee definitely has stepped up his game and he sounds great, however I still love consistency and the art of making it look easy, and that my friend is Crystal, from day one, but like with everyone I seem to be liking Lee a little bit more each week!

Also FYI Lee’s parents are super cute and I appreciate that the mom went out and had a soccer mom button made up with Lee’s picture to adhere onto her jean jacket as if he just was off to his first T-ball game…….absurd, but secretly cute.

That is it folks, Casey to go home.

Munson out……

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