Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not a "Wyze" choice.......

Well nope, I am not happy. I have never disliked Lee per say, but do I think he deserves it more, no I don’t. Actually a friend emailed me this morning and put it quite eloquently….

“Can’t believe one of the best singers ever to grace the AI stage lost last night. I won’t watch the show ever again……”

Now I don’t know if I can commit to that level of hatred at this point, but I do agree, Crystal had it she was original, relaxed, humble, and just a joy to listen to….ha I am so sure I am embarrassed at myself right now for typing that ……but bygones……I realize that all these girl’s hoo has are not voting for talent but rather some sleepy boys eyes with a dream attached to that…..I get it a bit, (insert Kris Allen) but I just felt like it wasn’t that easy this year…….

And I can’t possibly spend the time to continue my rant on Lee’s “beautiful day” release, because I do have a job…….Perhaps the big deal with that was they were going to have Bono join him on stage until they found out this week he would be having to get wheeled in a hospital bed or a wheelchair, since he has a back of a 100 year old man and needs surgery. Someone I wish that would have been restrained in a wheelchair last night was Mr. Michaels……Seriously this guy is the ultimate publicity whore, I mean he was on deaths door a few weeks ago and he could barely walk across the stage on the Trump Finale on Monday, but he says I am good I am just going to go and rock it out with Casey???? I was a nervous wreck the entire performance, he caused me to have a sweaty upper lip I was waiting for his legs to collapse, his brain to start bleeding…..ugh it was too much to take and then my husband revealed that he found out he has a hole in his heart and needs heart surgery soon……I seriously exhaled when it was over and just prayed that he got off that stage before he had another incident!

The other guests they are okay, I appreciate the stars that ACTUALLY sang with the idol contestants and just didn’t say no thanks I will Lip Sync on my own…..(insert Janet J.) I would have loved to by a fly on the wall when they found out ….girls you will be rocking it with Ms. Aguilera and boys… get Hall and Oates……wah wah wah……that was unfortunate. Carrie Underwood is seriously stinking beautiful and talented….and I might just add her to my list. It is ri-donk-cu-lous…..

Janet looks to be on the skinny train again… how can her body change so much in a years time frame… is almost inspiring…..It also looks like she inherited Michaels nose in the will……..(thanks hubbie)

The Paula thing was wicked stupid. It just proves why she is no longer on that show. I did have a few heart palpitations thinking she might just announce that she is replacing Simon as the judge….oh thank god it didn’t happen.

Did anyone notice that all the past winners were there except David Cook……apparently he was off at a benefit for his fallen brother……good for him.

POTG….who knew General Larry had so many crazy leg dance moves in him……I knew it was coming, but did they have to add Mr. Hung… as too much, you know because POTG is fine by itself……so sure.

Okay well that is it…..It wasn’t stellar…….but always entertaining……..

Munson out……(could it be forever……..)

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