Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dewyze vs. Bowersox....

Okay so most of my posts are really rants about poking fun at people that I know can’t poke fun back, or making fun of how this show runs, but I am going to turn over a new leaf today (well sort of) in respects to the two contestants who both in my mind deserve to be there. So with that being said, I don’t think last night’s performances necessarily swayed any votes. I mean come on you are either Team Bowersox or Team Dewyze before you watched that show and last night probably didn’t sway too many people one way or the other. I am definitely Team Bowersox, not that I don’t enjoy Lee, I just think it is hers for the taking. She has been rock solid from the beginning and it is just easy for her. I can’t even fault these guys for some of their mediocre singing last night – producers picked the songs, and sort of made them dig their own graves……Okay enough of Mrs. Nice…..

What I have a HUGE problem with were the songs that are supposed to be their first single release! OMG seriously AI really you gonna play it like that, they both were given songs that have already been recorded by other artists. Isn’t that what this show is supposed to be promoting new cutting edge artists? Then why in Gods name are we having them release cover songs? And not just any cover song…..Lee got handed the short straw as he is asked to release one of the most popular songs, sung by one of the most popular bands, with a voice that is one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. I am so sure – why would you do that to this little paint store worker? How could he honestly ever top what Bono is going to do? That is like asking Crystal to say hey why don’t you release “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston and see how that goes. I mean she lucked out because even though it is still a cover I mean how many people really know this song by Patti Griffin, It at least “appeared” her own by the general public. American Idol I feel you really missed the mark on this and didn’t do your contestants any favors. I mean really with a top billboard song writer right at your judges table you couldn’t have had her jot down a lil’ ditty for these poor folks , you just threw in the towel and said you… sing Bono……..and you sing Patti Griffin……it was lazy and uncalled for! I mean you might say I am never satisfied as I have complained in years past of the weak songs that they make these folks release (love ballads galore) but at least they were written for them and it was truly an original “release” So yes I am disappointed and seriously feel bad for Lee who has to compete with such an anthem that he couldn’t possibly make better. Shame on you AI.

And with that I think and hope Crystal will walk away with the trophy!

Munson out……

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